The collections on this site have been created to document the daily life of Henry W. Schweigert, a farmer and schoolteacher who lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania from 1847 - 1923. 

Schweigert wrote a series of diaries from 1869 - 1881 that highlights his daily activities, including the weather, memberships in fraternal organizations, his studies at Palatinate College, his career as a school teacher and work as a farmer. 

These diaries survive, along with his photo album of 1870s cartes-de-visite photographs of his friends and family, and have been digitized for historical research. The materials used in this project have come from the Archives & Special Collections department at Albright College's Gingrich Library and various family members of Schweigert's who have saved the writings and personal possessions of their ancestor. 

Visit the Henry W. Schweigert Diaries to read about his daily life as a college student, a farmer, a teacher, and a laborer.