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Handbook and history of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows

The diary entries from 1881 are limited to Jauary & February, and were originally written at the end of Schweigert's 1880 diary.
During these few months, Schweigert writes about his family's activities, including taking sleigh rides in the winter, a…

The 1880 diary entries begin in March, just as Schweigert was closing the School House No. 1 in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, until the fall. Upon closing the school, he notes that he washed it as well. Schweigert also writes about…

The diary entries of 1876 span the entire year. Schweigert writes about visiting his in-laws, the Millers, with his wife Emma and their young son, Charles. He also writes of teaching school at School No. 4 in Wayne District. He attended events, such…

The diary entries from January — December, 1873 contain references to Schweigert's teaching job in Washington Township (Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania), School House No. 3., settling a doctor's bill ($24), taking sleigh rides, working at William…

Photograph portrait of Henry W. Schweigert with grandson George Schieck on his lap, with daughter Annie (Schweigert) Schieck with her daughter Emma on her lap.

Photograph portrait of the Schweigert Family. Left to right: Henry W. Schweigert, Milton Schweigert, Annie (Schweigert) Schieck, Mary Schweigert, Charles Schweigert, and Emma (Miller) Schweigert

Photograph of Henry W. Schweigert sitting in a chair, holding grandson George Schieck on his lap.

Detailed history of the Junior Order of United American Machinists

Henry W. Schweigert's account book used to administer his father's (John Schweigert) estate after his death from 1874 - 1878

Photograph of Henry W. Schweigert with his son, Milton Schweigert, daughter in law, Lizzie, and granddaughter Emma Schweigert, with unidentified family members

A book that Henry Schweigert purchased and referenced in his 1869 diary on November 3, 1869.

Henry Schweigert's daily writings from May - November of 1869, written while attending Palatinate College and his family's farm.

Notebook that belonged to Henry W. Schweigert, in which he wrote about bible passages and Christianity, as well as notes about addresses and shopping lists.

Hand-painted porcelain mug used by Henry Schweigert, customized with the inscription "H.W. Schweigert"

Diary chronicling the daily activities of Henry Schweigert, including attending fraternal organization meetings, working as a school teacher, and leisure and religious activities.

Schweigert Family Photo Album with metallic embellishments and worn velvet front cover

Schweigert Family Photo Album with metallic embellishments and worn velvet back cover

Portrait of unidentified man and woman

1st image: Portrait of two unidentified infants
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