Henry W. Schweigert (1847 - 1923) was a farmer and schoolteacher of German ancestry who lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania his entire life. This site is an archive of materials related to Schweigert and his daily life. Most of the materials are from the late 19th Century and range from diaries to photographs, including a family photo album from the 1870s. The items found in the archive are from the Archives & Special Collections at Albright College's Gingrich Library, the Internet Archive, and the personal collection of the Schweigert family. 


Recently Added Items

1881 Diary


The diary entries from 1881 are limited to Jauary & February, and were originally written at the end of Schweigert's 1880 diary.
During these few…

1880 Diary


The 1880 diary entries begin in March, just as Schweigert was closing the School House No. 1 in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, until the…

1876 Diary


The diary entries of 1876 span the entire year. Schweigert writes about visiting his in-laws, the Millers, with his wife Emma and their young son,…

1873 Diary


The diary entries from January — December, 1873 contain references to Schweigert's teaching job in Washington Township (Schuylkill County,…

Portrait of Henry W. Schweigert with Daughter Annie and Two Grandchildren


Photograph portrait of Henry W. Schweigert with grandson George Schieck on his lap, with daughter Annie (Schweigert) Schieck with her daughter Emma on…